Quality :

Dey’s is committed to delivery of safe and effective products to patients and consumers.This commitment is maintained through having the right people doing the right things, the first time, every time.

Quality Control (QC) :

All our QC activities and equipment’s are fully supported by approved GMP documentation procedures. Company possess a well-equipped QC laboratory having a lot of modern & sophisticated scientific instruments like HPLC, GLC, FTIR, Clean Room etc.

QC Department comprises following five sections

  • Chemical including Instrument facility.
  • Microbiology.
  • Pharmacology.
  • Ayurvedic.
  • Packaging.

A good number of scientific officers having vast knowledge, skills, experience & qualification are engaged for testing raw materials, intermediate as well as final products, including the packaging of the product in continuous manner.

Quality Assurance (QA) :

QA team monitors critical systems such as document control, process control, calibration, training and corrective action and they are also tasked with conducting audits, as necessary, to ensure regulatory compliance.The quality assurance department operates independently from the operational units and performs quality review to ensure compliance within operational units with Company quality standards, good working practices like cGMP, GLP, GCP.

Pollution Control (PC) :

The company is very much conscious on the environmental Pollution control at the vicinity of the factory premises. For this, the company follows in the field of following areas.

  • Stringently followed & maintaining the regulatory standards of Pollution Control Board.
  • Dey’s is strictly maintaining the handling of hazardous waste as per regulatory norms.
  • The company installed the new ZERO LIQUID DISCHARGE system at its API plant which is probably first time adopted in West Bengal Pharmaceutical field.