Life at Dey’s

“To win in the marketplace, you must first win in the workplace”

Doug Conant .

At Dey’s, we conduct our business with integrity and honesty, and aspire for excellence in all we do. The organization gives people with energy and ideas, the freedom and support to make things happen.We are dedicated to finding, developing, and retaining the best people for our company. In return, we aim to make sure that they are content and motivated.

Philosophy :

  • With a work force of 900 employees, people are the main priority at our establishment.As a growing organization, our employees at Dey’s are always presented with exciting opportunities and a wide variety of responsibilities. They are empowered with the freedom to execute and truly enjoy their work.
  • Career Positions provide for a wide range of pay and the flexibility to earn salary based upon performance and individuals can be rewarded better for their significant contributions, achieve results, and enhance their skills and abilities.
  • Members working at Dey’s are continually encouraged, through various forms of incentives, to explore & realize their innate abilities and implement them in the workings of the organization.
  • People who have an inherent desire to excel are handed the ladder to success here. The organization performs the role of a mentor as well, guiding employees to realize their true potential and achieve vertical career growth.

Learning and development :

The training and development intervention is aligned with the business strategy of the organization & is targeted towards building long term organizational capability and core functional skills, business objective achievement, facilitating individual development and aspirations. It aims :

  • Enhance employees performance on their current jobs.
  • Develops talent to take higher level positions.