Health & Safety

Dey’s is an organization who recognizes its moral and legal obligations to prevent hazards in the work place and ensures that the employees attached to this organization are maintaining good Health and environment.

Accordingly, many of the measures pertaining to Health and Safety have been implemented prior to their enactment.

We are taking regular help from the statutory bodies to update and implement Health and Safety measures in the Factory.

  • Fully equipped Occupational health Centre Manned by two qualified Medical Practitioners and one Compo under.
  • Moreover, one Air Conditioned Ambulance has also been attached to the above OHC to attend any emergency situation.
  • Regular Health check up of the employee is undertaken on a routine basis and records thereof are maintained by the Centre.
  • Arrangement of supplying cold drinking water duly purified at the different locations for the employees.
  • The company provides Milk Allowance for handling Anti Biotic Drugs to the concerned employees and supply nutritious Free Meal (Lunch) to the employees.
  • Both the ESI contribution i.e. Employer’s and no deduction on this score are made from the salary of the employees. More so, we extend all help and assistance to the employees to enjoy E.S.I. benefits from the Authorities.
  • There is a system of paying cash Medical Allowance to all the employees (even covered under ESI) for their domiciliary treatment.
  • The working conditions not only comply the Statutory Provisions but also comply the Provisions of “Good Manufacturing Practices” and these are being updated and maintained regularly.
  • The Management employed qualified Safety Officer to organize all safety precautionary measures of the employees employed by the company.
  • Regular meeting of the Safety Committee is organized to take corrective measures wherever required.
  • Safety Awareness Programmes are being organized amongst all the officers and employees collaboration with the Factories Directorate and other external Faculty members.
  • Officers, employees and Safety Committee members are being regularly nominated by the company to attend different Safety Training Programmes organized by National Safety Council and other Statutory Bodies.
  • Safety Poster are being displayed from time to time in conspicuous locations for awareness of the employees.
  • All the Safety equipments and dress code as per Statute are being used by them while working.
  • For fire fighting, required fire extinguishers are installed in different locations as per plan and ensures all these extinguishers are properly refilled and supply of underground water is adequate for using hose-pipe from different location. Alarm system has also been installed and maintained properly. Mock-drill for fire fighting is also being organized at regular intervals.